Wand is built from the ground up to be used by partners. We can bring a wide array of content and services to your existing customer experience as well as provide a platform for expansion of your core offerings. With Wand, your messaging application becomes a medium for sharing engaging content, an avenue for taking action and a transaction monetization engine.

We provide APIs and optional user interface containers that allow you to feature content and services which you select from Wand’s growing number of connections. If desired, we can also integrate your content and services into Wand’s platform, making them easier to share, connect to other services and expand. Wand’s patented technology allows you to grant, share and revoke access to services and devices through chat, enabling completely new use cases like issuing electronic hotel room keys through. In addition to integrating with our platform, we can also provide co-branded versions of the Wand consumer application specifically configured for your needs.

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