From the beginning Wand was designed to be easy for developers to build on. Our Plugin API gives you access to much of Wand’s platform, allowing you to create shareable experiences like never before.

Chat as a platform. Wand provides a seamless combination of sharing and control. With our API you can build out a complete user experience that automatically integrates seamlessly with other services on Wand.

Actionable Messaging. Don’t just chat with users, interact with them. Messages on Wand can contain custom experiences, allowing you and your users to share much more than ever before.

Securely grant, share, and revoke access to devices and services. Allow users to grant temporary access (e.g. to a company’s social media account) or permanent until revoked (e.g. letting a friend use their WiFi). Wand handles the authentication details in the background, and the invite and device/service control all happen from within Wand.

User management and identity. Wand handles the details of user identity and authentication, allowing you to build use cases around shared authentication and using multiple authenticated services together.

How do I get access to the Plugin API? We’re working hard to bring the Wand platform to developers as soon as possible – we can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

Please sign up here to join the waiting list and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.